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In need of a comforting hug? T Label’s clothes want to give you one. Designer Taylor-Bea Gordon’s womenswear brand is gaining prominence on Instagram and specializes in “romantic wear.” Her pieces, like her glove bralettes, literally caress you. They are as much about embodying self-love as they are about offering romantic, wearable-for-day lingerie pieces. “Everybody always needs a little bit of romance,” says Gordon. Formal dress red “What I’m inspired by is people’s journeys and memories, with a super nostalgic element.”

The designer is currently based in Great Malvern, in the West Midlands, U.K. She launched her label in 2020 after studying at the London College of Fashion and interning for brands like Acne Studios, Erdem, and Alexander McQueen. Moving back home during the pandemic, she began experimenting with her very own fashion label. The first thing she made, in April of 2020, was her now-signature Rays opera gloves, made of sheer, deadstock mesh and finished with voluminous ruffles along the sides. They went viral. “I put up my e-store and it really took off,” says Gordon. “The gloves went nuts on Instagram: They got 30,000 likes, which was kind of weird, since I was just at home sitting in my bedroom taking pictures of my arm.”

Despite the majority of people living in sweats at the time, Gordon noticed an increasing demand for her dressy opera gloves, which she continues to make in a range of colors. “I think [the gloves] got people excited about dressing up again,” she says. “I dress very practical myself, but when I go out, I like to have something special or unique on.” She has since expanded the line to include clothing, and her latest assortment is all about bringing romance back into fashion. To do so, she’ll infuse glove details as gussets, collars, or all-over embellishments onto her tops, skirts, and dresses. “It’s so nice to think about this concept of touch in a digital world, which is maybe why I got into gloves,” says Gordon. Formal dresses red “For me, it’s very much about making people feel self-love and self-confidence—having products that make people feel good.”

It’s easy to imagine her sheer tulle dresses or beaded bras in a more intimate setting, but she enjoys the idea of people wearing them out for daytime. “I always had this strong sense of how I imagined clothing—having strong structural elements, but with a very feminine, fluid style,” says Gordon.

Sustainability is also key to the brand. She says 85 to 90 percent of the collection is made using recycled, deadstock, or upcycled materials. “A lot of the time I’ll go out and buy the fabrics first, and that will trigger [a design idea.]” Sometimes, though, she already has references in mind. The spring 2022 collection took cues from movies like In The Mood for Love and, more surprisingly, The Matrix. A brown, cotton-coated wrap skirt combines the hard, edgy silhouettes of the latter with the former’s muted color palette.

In the future, T Label wants to ramp up its dress assortment. “We’ve been getting a lot of interest from wedding [guests],” she says, adding that she is working on her new collection as we speak. “The next collection will probably be coming in the summertime. It’s very much based around my dad’s motorbike.” Despite the unlikely inspiration, however, she assures that a romantic slant will still remain at the core. She imagines people wearing her clothes on a date—whether single or not. Cocktail dresses with long sleeves “It sounds old fashioned in a way, but I love this whole idea of people courting people. I’m a hopeless romantic.”

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